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Pierre Jammes – Classic Cars of Viet-nam

Pierre visits the blog sometimes sharing information about his research of classic cars of Viet-nam.

Those of you who are interested in cars that were in Viet-nam while you lived there will find his research on the Citroen very interesting, I’m sure.

Click Here to visit Pierre’s web site.

Here is a site Pierre has recently shared with us about the History of Cars in Viet-nam.

It covers the periods of 1900s to 1950s, 1960s to 1975 and 1975 through today.

Click Here to view *A History of Cars in Vietnam*.

I think you’ll find both sites very interesting; and, they’ll bring back memories of how we used to ride around in these cars while we lived in Saigon and Viet-nam.

Pierre, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful history of cars in Viet-nam with us.


PS: I wonder who brought the *Edsel* to Viet-nam.

3 comments to Pierre Jammes – Classic Cars of Viet-nam

  • Leri

    Speaking of classic cars. My father bought a BNC racing car while there and had it painted in the Vietnamese national colors. It was one of those “hot dog” shaped cars with the wheels protruding on either side. Every time he would drive by the Palace in his saffron gold car with the red louvers, the policeman in front of the palace would stop traffic and wave him through. He sold it to a man named Jack Frost who shipped it back to the states.

  • Kay Merkel Boruff

    Jon and I had a 68 Honda with a 90 cc engine. The greatest thing was to drive 80 K to Ton Son Nhut Base, feeling like I was in Texas driving 100. Alas, the red Honda car came to Dallas . . . and went to Honda heaven. Picture online at my FaceBook. kmb

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