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Ron Ryan Finds Blog

Ron stumbled upon the Blog and left these comments on a Posts buried deep in the Archives, so I’ve moved it here to share with everyone.

Welcome home to your Saigon Kids family, Ron!    🙂

We are all glad you found us and look forward to sharing many memories and experiences of Saigon with you (and your sisters).

I just happened upon this web site while surfing the net. I lived in Saigon from 63-65, I was 8 when we moved there from Fort Devens Mass. I attended 2nd and 3rd grades. Mrs Armstrong was my teacher. I still have a yearbook. The movie theater was bombed twice- I was there both times. I always thought 100 Dalmations was playing. We were in Thailand on R&R when we found out we were being evacuated. Nobody would believe what I got to experience. We lived on Yiendo St, and I remember the coup that assassinated Diem really well. I found some bullet shells and army patches in the front of the house. My sister and I were the only ones home because my mother had to take my other sister to the PI. It was dark when my dad got home, he was with the 3rd RRU. I remember he got his guns out and we went out to hide behind the servants quarters. Lots of flares, gunfire, planes and helicopters. I think I’ll look at my yearbook to see what these people looked like. I think my sister was in the 8th or 9th grade. Her name was Randeen Ryan. My sister Kris was a year younger than me.

Again, welcome Ron. Feel free to make Posts to the Blog and leave Comments to others Posts.

Everyone give Ron a BIG Welcome!!


3 comments to Ron Ryan Finds Blog

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    What an amazing memory of Saigon,Ron. Each time I read or hear about those coup days, I am so grateful we left before that time. 1958-60 was relatively calm and very enjoyable for a 14/15 year old American kid.
    Glad you found the blog. You will have such fun reconnecting with old friends.
    Be sure to share more memories…one will remind you of another.
    Welcome “home,” Ron.

  • Kathy (Connor) Dobronyi

    Hi Ron! I was your neighbor at 214A Yen Do. Your father worked with my father, Major Bobby D. Connor.

    I have fond memories of your sisters.

    Glad you found Saigon Kids.

  • Arnon Reichers


    I was a friend of your sister, Randy, in 8th grade. I would love to hear from her or anything about her. I went by “Elaine” in 8 th grade.


    Arnon Elaine Reichers

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