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Saigon Kids™ *Last Hurrah* Reunion 2015 (Update 11/6/14)

Submitted by Frank Stoddard and Roy McDonald (ACS)

Reunion Time SignPlanning Reunions IS Fun!


For the Planners of School Reunions, there is an added benefit not normally recognized. Yes, there is the work and frustration and negotiation part of it, BUT, getting in contact with friends of some 55 years ago, whether it be by e-mail or a phone call , is that added “fringe” of finding out in advance where they are, how they are and what they are doing. For instance, having an e-mail from Sarah Bush since the Reunion in Saigon in 2009, or Larry Duthie since 1960, or Christie Kent since whenever is a Reunion in itself.

As I had mentioned in our first planning document, whenever we communicate by any means, phone, e-mail, Facebook, etc., the still images in our mind is that of 55 years ago.

Roy has told me that whenever we communicate, his image of me is with a Ricky Nelson hairdo (Brill Creame overdose), a white shirt with short sleeve cuffs rolled up to house a Winston pack of cigarettes, and black pants.

I am sure we all have those foregone still images each time we think or connect with an ACS/Saigon individual … and that special time and place that created such a bond not readily comprehensible to many stateside kids of that era.

So, thank you for giving us the opportunity to have that “Fun” precursor to the Reunion itself.

Now to the “work” part of it:

We have planned (though not yet signed a binding contract) for the following events:

  • Thursday, July 30th Meet & Greet (Hors d’Oeuvres & Cash-Bar)
  • Friday, August 1st Dinner at a local Vietnamese Restaurant (Pay-as-you-go)
  • Saturday, August 2nd Dinner/Dance Buffet (Cash Bar)
  • Sunday, August 3rd Brunch & Good-byes (Pay-as-you-go)

The costs are calculated on 20 blocked rooms with their discounted rates and fixed minimums for the Hors d’Oeuvres and Buffet.

The “fly-in-my-soup” part of it:

We have until December 31st 2014 to commit and sign their contract proposal.

So, even if you are 60% interested, send us an e-mail or give us a call so we can get a handle on a go or no go decision.

This does not mean you have to send any funds or any final commitments by that date. That will come later.

Frank and Roy

Reunion 2015 Roster

CLICK HERE for reunion information and location.

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5 comments to Saigon Kids™ *Last Hurrah* Reunion 2015 (Update 11/6/14)

  • brooks toland kasson

    frank and roy…
    i am sure thinking about this get together. i’ve emailed bobbie sheehan mauch to see if she’ll come, too.
    will let you know asap.

    thank so much for the organization, as well as the keeping us all together via the kids newsletter.

    best to you both,
    brooks toland kasson

  • Kate Greene

    I don’t see the Where or When? Year? Place?

  • Michael Dunn

    Roy and Frank, I sent a message, but it was from the previous update, and I don’t know if you will get it. Hope you can still retrieve it. I’m a maybe for right now, and if I come, I’ll be bringing Yen with me.

    Best Wishes,
    Mike Dunn

  • frank

    Brooks, I do not have an update on Bobbie’s address or email…Just American Falls, Idaho (Did you know Bobbie is best friends of one of my old girl friends…1965..and Bobbie met her later, when I was no longer going with the girl…small, small world?).. The reunion will not be the same without you two Gals. Get back with Roy or I with a “positive”…soon! Kate, hope to see you in Arizona in July (HOT). And Michael, I already responded about my thoughts to you somewhere on this blog. Guys and Gals, please come to the Reunion! Frank

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