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Saigon Kids: More Find Blog

Listed below are recent arrivals to our Saigon Kids family and blog.

Either they found us, or we found them – but, it really doesn’t matter who found who as the important thing is that we have all reconnected!

I’m sure I speak for everyone in giving you a BIG WELCOME home to your Saigon Kids family.

Please feel free to join in the conversations by leaving your comments below and sharing your Saigon experiences and memories with everyone.

Katie Gibbs

I went to (what I called) “The Phoenix School” from 1974 – 1975. I was in first grade then.

I lived at 37 Le Quy Don, which was 2 or 3 blocks from “Reunification Palace.” I’ll NEVER forget the day in April 1975 when the plane flew over low and bombed that palace.

I spent many days at the CRA (I think that’s what we called it), where there was a huge pool and the PX and the restaurant we went to every Friday night.

When we first moved to Saigon, we lived at the Duc Hotel for a few weeks until our house on Le Quy Don was ready.

I haven’t been back, but my sister (Anne, who was in 3rd grade that year) has. Our house is now a cafe.

I’ve always wanted to be in touch with others who lived there as young kids during that time. My email is katiemgibbs at hotmail dot com.

Milton (Mitts) Adams – Massachusetts

Jim Turnbull – Pennsylvania

Bruce Giza – California

Kathie (Koehl) Beaty – Florida

James MacColl – USA

Ray Oden – USA

Lawrence Van Velzer – California

Mary (Timmes) Shanabruch – Indiana

Patricia Crosby – Oklahoma

Ed Windsor – Maryland

4 comments to Saigon Kids: More Find Blog

  • Mike McNally

    Katie, thank you for your memories of 1974-75 in Saigon. I was also there on 8 April 1975 when the Independence Palace was bombed. I had a University of Maryland sociology class that afternoon at the USAID building on Le Van Duyet. The instructor had just come TDY from Bangkok. He was walking in front of the Palace when the attack occurred. He showed up for the class, but he was still visibly shaken. I will contact you directly with more information…Mike McNally

  • Alice Ahlgren


    Hey, remember the Ahlgrens? You and my brother riding up (or was it down) the school stairs on your motorcycles? Where’s Mary these days?

    Alice Ahlgren

  • Maile Doyle

    Hi Mary Timmes Shanabruch! So glad to see you here. Bill and I are living in Ohio, so maybe we can get together in 2011…you are not so far away from us. I would love to catch up with you and yours. My email address is mdoyle [@] woh.rr.com. Love, Maile Miller Doyle

  • Leri Thomas


    Would you have a maiden name, Best? Are you Leila’s older sister?

    Leri Thomas

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