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Saigon Kids: Reunion Anyone?

by Bobbie (Sheehan) Mauch (ACS)

Reunion Time SignHi Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well.

Is anyone interested in a Reunion in Las Vegas?

I asked Sarah Bush and she said she thought it might work.

I would be happy to organize it with some help (Sarah said she would help me). Frank, I need to hear from you because you know all about this stuff. I only live about 600 miles from there and could get things going. I really don’t know what I am doing so some feedback from you would be very helpful.

I feel it is time for us to get together and visit with whoever could come. I will be waiting to hear back.

I also want to take this time to thank Bob for all that he has done for us.

Love to you all.

Admin Note: There have been rumors amongst Saigon Kids of wanting to put together a reunion in February 2015 – 50 years after the closing of America Community School and our evacuation from Saigon.

To date (other then Bobbie) nobody has stepped up to the plate offering to assist with putting a reunion together.

Anyone interested in joining with Bobbie to organize a reunion should contact Bobbie through the *Contact Form* by CLICKING HERE to send her your contact information (name, address, telephone and email address).


50 comments to Saigon Kids: Reunion Anyone?

  • Cathie McIntyre

    Hi Bobbie,
    If you’re talking about a 50th reunion, I might make it and could perhaps help. I will be out of the US until July or Aug 2014. Could probably do some things by email from a remote location.
    Right now I am in the US until Aug 12.
    Cathie McIntyre
    Saigon, Oct 1959-Oct 1961

  • frank

    Bobbie, Great to hear from you. Suzy Q and I just got back from a road trip (about 3000 miles). We went to Cody (and Heart Mountain) and met my brother. We celebrated his 72 year birthday for three days and then drove home. We did not go into Idaho, otherwise we would have given you a call. This was a trip strictly for John. I am on my 3rd “scotch” and I’m am totally exhausted. Reunion? Hmmm? I swore that I would never again do or go to one, but then again, as I get older (more mature), I just may change my mind. O.K., Yea, seems like that just might work for me. Las Vegas? Drove through it yesterday…did not stop. I was stationed thirteen miles out side of the city in 1969 guarding over 200 nuclear bombs. I do not think the folks in the city knew they were there, let alone know that a yeahoos such as I was keeping them safe. The town is very different today…BIG! But I’ll bet a lot of people still get bombed! (Bad, Old Person’s joke)
    O.K. Bobbie…tell you what..You lead and I will follow! Let’s do it…but people must commit to it…There are a lot of folks on this site that must start saying they are for it and will go…Mainly the girls of guys can stay home! LOL Yea, I’m in!!
    P.S. Say Hi to Aurtha for me. Frank

  • frank

    Is there a way for Saigon kids to vote what year…2014, 2015. Is Vegas to their liking..Where else? Of course I would much prefer Pocatello, Chico Hot Springs, Island Park, Lone Mountain or Cody, but they are not as easy to get to. Come on Folks, Bobbie is willing to do this…please give input!

  • frank

    How can Bobbie and and I talk off line? Oh gosh, been home about three hours,. So Tired and on my forth “scotch” (Johnny walker red…saving the black). Bobbie are you sure you want someone like me helping you? Well, I don’t gamble…much!

  • Maile Doyle

    I would love a Saigon Kids reunion in the USA. Las Vegas would work as it is easy to get to and is geared for visitors. Bobbie, let me know how I can help. Bill and I have some stuff going on in the summer of 2014 and would be easier to plan for 2015. However, that being said, I can make it work for either year. Are you on Facebook? I can message you my personal information there.

  • Sarah Rogers

    Aloha Bobbi,
    I will be glad to help as I said earlier. I do agree with Frank however that we need to get some commitment from people otherwise too much trouble for just a few of us.
    Veny said they would be interested in attending.
    Las Vegas is good as it is an easy place to get to. I do love all Franks ideas better but too hard to get flights.
    Maybe we should just pick a date and put it out there and ask for firm committment (knowing that there will be fall out). Anyway, we can give it a try.

  • frank

    Bobbie, Sarah, Maile and Cathie (Cathie I still owe you a bottle of red wine. How about you and I sneak off and drink in in Las Vegas?). Bobbie with these folks already behind you, I think it just might be a go..Place=Las Vegas…Year and month?

  • frank

    By the way…every Saigon Reunion so far has been during a “full Moon”. The one in Nashville was on a “Blue Moon”!

    Blue Moon-The Marcels-1961

    Elvis Presley – Blue Moon


    Does the music take you back in time? Well, guess what? Some of us never left!

  • Frank

    When I was stationed near Las Vegas in 1969 I had mentioned on a previous blog about how my fellow marines and I were a little drunk at the funeral of Gary Judd. (Here come the Judd!)
    I still do not think we were trying to dishonor him, but it was are way of copping.
    I would be stationed at what was called “Lake Mead Base” from January to July 1969. Nixon, thank god, would close it down. It should have been a wonderful duty station, but it was not. The LTC and Sgt. Major in charge were “drunks”. They left the operations of our two platoons to the two Staff Sergeants who names were both Jackson. They were both considered incompetent and basically thought of as As- H—-, by all of us enlisted Marines. One was white and one was black. Their nicknames, by us troops, of course not to their face were “cue” ball and “eight” ball. These two guys were just plain mean. Some memories just don’t fade. We worked eight straight days, and were lucky if we ever got off for 48 hours. Inspections, waiting in the Nevada sun for two or three hours and then failing because the polish on our brim and shoes had melted. Razor blade scraping the floors and policing inside all the toilets…All of us but one guy were Vietnam vets. One guy I knew got written up by “cue” ball every week because he had trouble running the three miles. This young man had been shot by one bullet through the back of both his legs. Another fellow from Illinois had a small scare in his chest and was missing a huge section in his back. He had trouble breathing, and was harassed by the two Staff Sergeants for his lack of P.T. ability.
    I was promoted to E-5 (Buck Sergeant) while I was there, so I most say not all was negative…and I was very proud of that rank. Some of you know that my youngest daughter was also raped in Las Vegas several years ago. The police there were useless, and decided to protect the Casinos rather than pursue the case.(I guess what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas).

  • Frank

    O.K. on a happy note!

    We knew our base was closing so we had two events..The first was at Caesar’s Palace. Jimmie Durande was the high light at our ball. I drank a lot and then went out to play roulette. I won about $30.00 when the dealer whispered a question at me (we were in uniform for the event) and asked what makes a player happy? I said to win. He said no, to quit when you are ahead. I followed his advise. Three of my buddies then got in my 396 Camero and as we went by a three star Navy Admiral who was in the parking lot, giving him the bird as we shot by.
    Our second “goodbye event” was at the “Showboat”. The Gunny asked me to be buy the Colonel in the reception line to introduce folks as they came in. The Gunny also asked me to be the escort for a lady who had just lost her husband to action in S.E. Asia. I have always felt honored to have been asked that duty. She was so beautiful, that Italian look, more beautiful then Annette Funicello, but I could not make myself put the “make” on her. I was polite throughout the evening, we dance and laughed and had a wonderful time. Her husband had died as a Marine in Vietnam and I could not make myself put the move on her even though I wanted to. I have often wondered what happen to her.
    See, some parts of Vegas were so very nice.

  • Frank

    Bobbie, I do not know your email. Hopefully we can get together soon.
    I am listening to one of my favorite song of the the mid-sixties.

    I Am A Rock

    I am all for a reunion in Las Vegas in 2015. Many folks including Roy (taking for credit using his name without permission ) will help. It is really up to you folks…out there the ones past my time…the 3rd Hospital folks, the P.I. people, the people that were on boats, I actually would like to see you interested. I want to meet and know you. Right now, express yourself, or this effort will die. Do really know what it takes? Planners have to put money down! If you are interested speak up. Remember this is not the Saigon Airport, then when you said “goodbye”… that was final. We can and deserve to get together again. Bobbie has offered this. You folks from Virgina, from Colorado, from Hawaii, from Germany, from Canada, and least not not from Missouri and Texas speak up…This is offered to you one more time..Do you want it or not?

  • Frank

    Bobbie, tried your old email…did not go through! Frank

  • frank
    O.k. Where are the masses? Over time, I have read so many peoples comments. I see the people that I adore, those that I knew in Saigon. Yes my Junior year in high school was my best ever! I am also intrigued by those that served in the 3rd Field Hospital, and folks that were in Vietnamese schools, Father Crawford’s orphans and relatives, and anyone that lived, cried, loved and suffered in Vietnam. If you would like a reunion, please come up on this Blog and express your thoughts. If you do that, it can then happen! Peace! Frank

  • frank

    By the way, why not have the Baguio Kids join in? Many of us know these guys from Saigon and other places!

  • Okay, put me down as another who wants to attend a future reunion for our special school in Saigon.

    I want to see Bob again to marvel at how he’s changed (for the better, of course) over the years.

    I want to see the Clods again: Rick, Roy, Paul …

    I want to meet Ken and Huong for the first time.

    I want to meet Maile, who arrived in Saigon one month after my family returned to the States, but whose brother Brink, as it turns out, lives here right in my town, someone I’ve known at church for decades, and only via this website was I able to make 2+2=4.

    And Frank. And Cathie. And Sarah. And lots of others who contribute to this site periodically, like Ken and Kevin.

    I’d especially like to see my classmate Linda Pei once again, however cruel fate has ruled that out — but maybe I can persuade her brother Jack to come from California.

    And what about all the others from my school year of 1960-61 — for that matter, any school year — who we’ve never seen pop up on this wonderful website: let’s all of us put on our thinking caps and reach out to another Saigon Kid who has never been seen hereabouts — get out your old address book, Google like crazy, and let’s get those hundreds of others involved in what we know is a great and unique community — the American Community School in Saigon.

  • frank

    Bruce, I love you Man! Frank

  • frank

    ACS and everything that happened in Vietnam had (has) a huge impact on America. I think everyone associated with Vietnam realizes this impact.

  • Huong


    Growing old is a wonderful thing! You can speak your mind and get away with it, so here I go: There should be no tears shed for a joyous celebration such as the 50th reunion. I am optimistic in believing there will be a good turnout.

    I have prepared a bucket list to do before I go to heaven. I will list only two items on this list.

    1. I am in San Jose, CA with my mother this week to make accommodations for her to revisit Vietnam. This would be her last trip. She is 84 years old. She is involved in a Catholic Church function that is very important to her life. This was done today. The reason I mention this is I do understand that each family’s situation is different. There might be things that prevent people to make a commitment at this time, but I hope in the end they might be able to make changes…

    2. I want to meet all the Saigon Kids at a reunion, so please count me in. However, in this category, there are sub-categories:

    -I am very shy. You have to find me and introduce yourself. This should be very easy for you to spot me, because you just look for a Vietnamese, who does not look Vietnamese.

    -I don’t dance. Please don’t feel offended. Just like in a song “Momma don’t dance, and papa don’t rock and roll.” And that’s us!

    -I want to meet Bruce – He is responsible for my being “involved” with the SKs. His story was the first story I’ve read and reread. I wish to write like him. As it turned out, I like to be able to write like all other SKs. Before this, I’ve never written a single story. This is the only website I visit. My world is very small. I am not in facebook, nada, non, jamais…, no where else can people find me.

    -I want to meet Bob – He is awesome to accept me as a member of the SKs as well as a mentor. I truly think he is the kindest person to handle this job.

    -I want to meet Frank, my cousin – Frank, as I mentioned you gave me inspiration to write my story “Farewell my Love.”

    -I want to meet Suellen – She was also an inspiration for me to write about my father-in-law.

    -I want to meet Ken Yeager, Cathie McIntyre, and Sandy Hanna – These three were the first to welcome me when I became a member.

    -I want to meet Sarah Rogers and all other SKs not mentioned here.

    -I want to save the best for last, I want to meet Kevin – He is a mentor, an Anh Hai (brother #1, although hai means #2), an inspiration, and a gem. His writing skills are undeniably exceptional and I’ve learned a lot from him; still learning. Kevin, I hope you will find time to go to this reunion and many more in the future. If you can’t, you just can’t. No pressure.


  • Huong

    I meant I have more than two items in my bucket list but will list only two for this purpose. Don’t panic.

  • mimi

    Well, if you guys could make up your mind as to when and where…lol. Better do it sooner than later, though, for obvious reasons. I am game for anywhere as long as I don’t have to change planes 3 times. LV is the last place I would wish to visit but at least I believe there is a direct flight.
    hugs to all. Mimi xxxx

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Since I have yet to attend a reunion, I would like to meet up with some of you before I pass on to the big biker highway in the sky, but I sure would like some folks to think about a less than huge place to meet. I, for one, hate crowds and the idea of LV or similar places is a real turnoff. Since I haven’t lived in the US since 1971, someone besides me needs to suggest a nice, quiet place where we can raise HELL!!!!! (?). Requirements: comfortable rooms, pool, good bar and restaurant, quiet (until I get going), polite cops, and good air connections. Any ideas? My wife suggests Ski Tip Ranch in Colorado (about two hours from Denver). She worked there years ago (ca. 50 years) so it may have changed a bit. Comments?

    • Kevin L. Wells


      What about the lowest pressure city in the US?

      They still have horse drawn tours of the historical sights, most everything is in walking distance, they have a jumpin’ night life, rooms from reasonable up to the painful prices (and plenty in between), the place is just steeped in history, there are two major colleges in town, and the living is easy. The restaurants are word-class and the cuisine ranges from French (at least two places) to coastal (fresh seafood).

      I refer, of course, to Charleston, SC.

      Have it in March and everybody from cold climes can wear short sleeves during the day.

      Although I am known for being very security conscious and very cautious, I have never felt apprehensive in Charleston, even after the sun goes down and it gets dark and lonely.

      Just a thought….


      • Kenneth R. Yeager

        Works for me except for the politics of the state, but I can overlook that for a short period of time. Actually, your idea is good…do others want to chime in on some suggestions?

  • frank

    I am probably a westerner, very unable to help form up a reunion in the East (I always remember how bad we were treated as service members in N.C. in 1968-70), other than recommendations. I love Montana, Wyoming and Arizona. Washington and Oregon State Coast line is spectacular (Seattle is expensive) …little windy. California is Paradise, but I do not know the cool places other than Napa Valley. Our first reunion was at the Wigwam in Phoenix (2000, pretty cool place, Google it), during the hottest time of the year…special rates, and no one complained about the heat…we seemed to be protected.
    I sometimes think we will just go around and around and never have another reunion.
    My wife is in the hospital in Phoenix, I’m feeling a little older this evening, but our two dogs keep trying to cheer me up. Been waiting for over ten months to see if VA accepts my claim that having Leukemia is a result of Agent Orange. (science and politic say it is…but what do they know?).
    I have been listening to Vera Lynn today. She has always been one of my favorite singers. She is three day younger than my Mom. I had posted before that Sue’s father was a P-47 pilot that was shot down and spent along time in a German POW camp. This is the song that made me thing about him today.

  • frank

    O.K., if someone can tell me the George Wallace South is dead and gone, I will think about it.

    • Kevin L. Wells


      Try these tidbits:

      In 1975, I was appointed Clemson University Student Government Attorney General by Reggie Brantly, the elected African American Student Body President.

      The current SC Governor is ethnic Sikh (she converted to Christianity, but her father still practices).

      She appointed Senator Tim Scott to fill out Jim DeMint’s term, making Scott the only African American Senator serving now. I have met Time Scott and this man is no fake. He probably will easily win the election in 2014.

      The current SC Supreme Court Justice is Jean Toal (that is the she type Jean)

      Her predecessor was Mr. Justice Ernest A. Finney. Mr Justice Finney attended his first SC Bar Association dinner as a waiter. The reason he did not attend as a regular member is because he is African American lawyer. Of course, his last SC Bar Association dinner he was the guest of honor and the occasion was his retirement.

      My favorite electrician practiced his trade in Boston, just north of where I spent my k-12 years (minus, of course, 30 months in Saigon) and being African American, he tells me that he felt more pressure in Massachusetts that he feels in SC. He is currently trying to convince his son to sell out an come to SC. I am trying to convince him to come out of retirement for my electrical projects but he likes fishing better than working.

      From 1980 to about 1985, there was an annual Klan gathering about a mile from my house. The crowd never was above 100 people, and the Grim reaper took care of that little gathering simply because they had antique views and they had outlived their years among us. They had the family names that generated eye rolls everywhere in the county.

      The man known as “Radio” (born James Robert Kennedy) lives just 24 miles south of me. Radio was portrayed by Cuba Gooding in the 2003 movie about Radio. Radio lives with an intellectual disability but is still a big man around T. L. Hanna High School. When his house burned, donations refurbished the house to better than new condition and added several improvements.

      During my bagpipe playing days I had a breakdown just in front of one of the A.M.E churches. One of the ladies there decided I was not going to stay in that car and get cold. Resistance was futile, she was determined, and looked sort of like a very heavy Medea. She was like a force of nature. So I went in, got warmed up, thought “What the heck!” slapped a quick tune on my pipes and did Amazing Grace for them.

      Yeah, Frank, those days are gone anywhere you are likely to go. (You can still get into trouble if you have friends in low places, but most people know better than to get involved with that stuff.)

      Even if there is never a reunion, you should make the trip some January when you need a little break from the dark and frozen north.

      There is a museum there with a replica of the Hunley, as well as the real thing (I think they finished the analysis) as well as a jaw-dropping exhibit of colonial era silver.

      By the way, when the local papers mention “the recent unpleasantness” they refer to the civil war and yes, they are having you on.

      To get in the mood, just hum “Summertime, and the living is easy….” (from Porgy & Bess)


  • Frank,

    The George Wallace South is dead and gone.


  • frank

    In 1968 I was in the back seat of a fellow Marine’s car, a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, when it got rear-ended on the New Burn Bridge. About a week later we had to go into the police station in New Burn to sign a few forms. A little “black” girl who was about 12 years old was crying and saying she wanted her Mama. She said she could call her Mama, but did not know the number. The Policeman threw the phone book across the room and hit her in the side of her head with it. He said, “Look up the number”. My friend and I said nothing.
    My two oldest granddaughters are half “green-go” and African American. One just graduated from San Diego State University (on a Volleyball scholarship) and will be going to grad school in January. The other is a junior in high school. And is also an athlete and an “A” student. My wife and I just saw our grandson for the first time this weekend. He is half my daughter and ¼ Japanese and ¼ Philippine. My son is married to a Korean and hopefully soon to be an American.
    So as you see, my daughters and son are rather worldly. I would like to think that, I who my first love was an Indonesian Muslim and my wife’s was a Crow Indian, thoughts about people rubbed off on our kids. Yes we are very sensitive about folks that do not see people as being equal.
    I just read where the University of Alabama has just now desegregated their sororities. Maybe you can understand how I have trouble with this.
    In 2015, several friends and I plan to go to Selma for the anniversary march. I hope to get enough shape to make this happen.. I did nothing in 1965.. I use the excuse that I was to busy trying to survive. I think it was so important, that today, I want to play apart.
    If my health measures up, I might be willing to work on a reunion in Phoenix for 2016 (realizing that is 51 years after the Saigon evacuation). I would go for the same place that it was done in 2000…The Wigwam. Of course I would attempt to get help from Roy, Arlene, and Sarah.
    Bob, where are you? I think many of us our worried.

  • Christy Kent

    Really interested in seeing this happen, although not so much in LV ….Phoenix, Denver or the South would be doable…and just to complicate things, New Hampshire has some great and beautiful places as do MA, VT and Maine! Happy to help in any way I can.

  • frank

    Something that we we learned from last reunions. It is always best if whoever is helping, has the ability to visit or live near where the reunion takes place. Of course Saigon was not the normal, but Sarah and a few folks knew enough about restaurants and places to make it happen. Although, everyone there was in a different hotel, so we did not get together as much as I thought we should.

  • frank

    Christy, As you know, when I was in Boston, the first and only time, my wife came down with a terrible illness. In spite of that and only being in Boston a few days, I fell in love with the place. The people, the food, the history and of course the beer. I am so thankful that we went there, to have seen Sondra and to have gone to Vicki’s and Bob’s for a lobster dinner.
    Tomorrow, we will drive about 3 1/2 hours to Phoenix to meet Suzy Q’s new doctor…
    The end of September and October is my favorite time of year in S.E. Arizona.The weather is absolutely beautiful. I am still building our house and I go up and down the ladder several times a day, every day. I hope I am almost done in 1 1/2 years.
    Give my best to Vicki.
    I have been meaning to ask, about 3 hours after I arrived in Saigon, four girls came to our house and introduced themselves. Now mind you, I had just come from an all boy’s Catholic boarding school!! lol I think one was you, was the others Vicki and Sondra and who? Was it Penny, also? This has “bugged me for ages! Frank

    • Christy Kent

      I remember that visit so well and how much fun we all had, and then how tough things suddenly were for you and Suzy. Please give her my very best. I hope she is feeling so much better and that you will both make it back here some day – we do still have lobster, you know! I think Boston, as much as I love it, might be too expensive for a reunion, but if folks have an interest in any part of New England we can explore possibilities – there are a lot of them!

      I think that the fourth girl was probably Delia Taylor – has anyone ever been able to track her down? She used to let me ride her horse, Belle Helene at Cerc Sportif!

  • frank

    Of course I live just south of Sierra Vista, Az. We were first stationed here in 1976, when I was a 2nd Lt. We loved it…way out in the middle of nowhere. Fort Huachuca (I think the only “Post” not named after someone), means thunder. The song by Stan Jones “Ghost Riders in the Sky” was inspired by our lightening and thunderstorms during the monsoon season (yes, torrential rains) from 5 July to mid September. Now, we are about one hour and a half southeast of Tucson and about 3 hours from Phoenix. We are about 15 miles as a crow flies from Mexico (but we do not go there much anymore because ICE treats everyone like crap when you come back to America). We do, however live about 15 miles from Tombstone…the old west and it is fun to visit ..especially “Big Nose Kate’s Saloon”(which normally has some drunken live music…just kidding!) and “Arlene’s (inside joke) Gift Shop”. A little touristy, but that is O.K. It is fun to go there and have a meal or a drink.They actually have fine shops and do not over-price. The gem is Bisbee (would not want to live there), and old mining town where you can see the EPA was not alive at the time, but it is making a great come back with fine restaurants and brewery’s and there are shops with nice turquoise.
    Now this may sound crazy, but I can get hotel rooms, nothing at resort quality, but with a ball-room for a dance or two, and pretty good food or drink. Problem! You would have to fly into Tucson and get a rent a car(1 and 1/2 hours..but easy not busy roads) or you would have to fly into Phoenix and get a rent a car (about three hour drive). I know, like why here? But it is just a thought if you want to see our ugly high desert.
    Tucson has the wonderful U of A (Go Cats), Sonora Desert Museum. and the great Pima Air and Space Museum. I could easily organize a reunion here. I know folks like to see and do things, but the main thing is to see each other. Now I guess I went to overboard with my comments, which my wife often reminds me that I do. Let me know what you think. I am actually up for doing a reunion in 2016. Frank

  • frank

    Just for the hell of it..When we left the military in 1991, while I was going to night school to get my Masters in Secondary Education, one of the jobs my wife and I did was to work of graves. Here in the Southwest, grass is not planted for it is too arid. Concrete is either trimmed around the grave or some other concrete or rock is is used to ascent the grave. My wife and I spent many a hot day working a graves in Tombstone and the two cemetery’s in Bisbee. I used to tell her, if the Officer Wife’s club could only see you now…as we were both covered with cement powder, sand, dirt and a smile.

  • Frank

    O.K., I realize that not may folks would want to travel where I live.. If you have ever hear or used the saying, “this is out in the middle of nowhere”, that is where I live.
    But really, I can not tell my wife, for the doctor’s orders are that she has no stress, but I could help put on a reunion in Phoenix, Arizona at the Wigwam Resort in 2016 between July and October. The rates are better during this time frame because the “Snowbirds” (old farts) are still north and it is hotter than hell. But I think if you ask anyone who was at the 2000 Reunion, the weather is very pleasant out at the Resort. Now if you go into Scottsdale it is hot, if you go down to Mill Street (ASU Territory)it is hot…but you will need a jacket for indoors because all the bars and restaurants are cold.
    In 2000, the reunion ran from Thursday to Sunday. My wife and I and my sister and her husband stayed tell Tuesday. Yes, all by ourselves, but it was so relaxing. I personally think that, as elder folks, the reunion should last longer than three days.
    The Wigwam was originally built for a place where the “Silver Screen” movie stars could go.

    Now north of Phoenix is Sedona, Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon (locals never go there, lol). Scottsdale has good shopping and nice bars and restaurants. Arizona is basically a very friendly State and I do not know of folks trying to “rip” others off.
    I have found out that when putting on one of these events, resorts want money up front. In 2000 I put my “credit card” on the line and we had about 65 folks show up. I must admit, that Arline and I gave a sigh of relieve. If I could get a “sort of” commitment now, I would very much consider doing this. Of course I would go to Charleston, Saigon, Boston, Bali or whatever, but who will do it there?
    P.S. Roy, I hope you are on my side!

    • Frank … What happened with Bobbie. She is the one who started this off. I’ve forwarded the contact information to her of everyone who provided it saying they would help out with getting a reunion together.

      Have you heard from Bobbie???

      Has anyone heard from Bobbie???

      Does anybody know if Bobbie and the others who said they would help are even working on planning a reunion???

      Some communications from the Reunion planning group (if one even exist) would be most welcomed by everyone, I’m sure.

      Just a thought – 🙂


  • Renee King

    I would be interested in attending a reunion. Some of you have been back to Saigon and may not be interested in going back again. However, I have not and would love to go. Maybe we could go through a travel agency and they could design a package and include the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Hawaii and/or other places of interest…I am sure everyone would love to see Guam again….LOL…When we were evacuated in February of 1965 we landed at San Francisco…Guess I am thinking large but it might be my last grand vacation…Warm Regards, Renee

  • Leila Tvedt

    If you want a lovely mountain location for a reunion in 2015, I can offer space at my husband’s country inn, Historic Calhoun House Hotel in Bryson City, NC, near the entrance of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have 20 rooms, most with queen beds, a few king and a few singles. Just finished hosting veterans who survived the sinking of the USS Yorktown in WWII and their friends. What great stories. Y’all come, ya hear!

    • Kevin L. Wells


      I can attest to the fact that during the summer, Bryson City is pleasantly warm but not the stifling hot typical of the south in the summer, and getting there is a lot of fun because you decompress all the way there from the airport.

    • H. Clark

      Hi Leila,

      Are you by chance related to a Joe Tvedt, who possibly was transferred from the USO in Japan to work at the USO in Saigon around mid 1972?


      • Leila Tvedt

        Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, Joe Tvedt was my wonderful Dad. After he retired from the US Navy, he directed the USO’s pacific operations from about ten years and then moved to the Mediterranean until his retirement in the 80s. How did you know him?

        • H.Clark

          Hi Leila,

          It would appear my initial response did not transmit so this is a resending:

          Happy New Year 2015!

          I am speechless! How amazing to learn that Mr. Joe Tvedt was your wonderful Dad! I remember he was a tall (to me), slender man, in white shirts.

          I worked for him at the USO Executive Office, Pacific Headquarters, in Sai Gon as his secretary and interpreter when he arrived from Japan until the office was moved Thailand. I didn’t often serve as an interpreter, but I remember he had asked me to walk with him only one time around the immediate area of Sai Gon downtown to interpret certain things for him. I was honored that I could help him.

          I can attest he was a wonderful boss. Unbeknownst to me, before the closure of our office he wrote an exceptional letter of recommendation about me, which I believe served me well in securing my next job at Sea-Land Service, located on the same street of Nguyen Hue in Sai Gon where the USO office used to be. I proudly presented his letter of recommendation to the interviewer and was immediately hired, on the same day. No complaints here, but I did not have a chance for vacation in between jobs.

          I am now retired. I have a short story in progress on this particular period of my working at the USO in Sai Gon, but I am not sure if I should mention his name. It has been a long time ago, the time I worked under him was brief, 1970-1971. I was not yet twenty, the only executive secretary there. I still have some pictures inside of our USO office. I am sure your Dad would remember that he had met one of my former bosses before him, Ms. Margot Quinn, and would remember some of our staff of the Pacific operations: Dianna Dell, Rick Snyder, Brian Sweeney, Millie Dew… While there, I had the privilege of meeting with quite a few celebrities that we invited to Viet Nam to entertain the U.S. troops. I have forgotten a lot of people’s names, but your dad’s last name is unique to me that I still remember until this day, the reason I am compelled to ask. It’s a small world!

          All my best and respect,


  • Christy Kent

    Anything happening behind the scenes on the reunion front? Based on the last date in the thread above, the idea seems to have gone dormant….would love to think there would be at least one more!

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