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The Berm: A Night in Vietnam – Part 2

As we all know many Saigon Kids returned to Viet-nam in the military during the Viet-nam war years.

In this 4-part series, The Berm, *Born To Wander*, attempts to re-create the experience of American soldiers who manned the bunkers around their bases at night. These may have been a remote Landing Zone or Fire Base and manned by infantrymen, artillerymen or combat engineers. More often, these bunkers were at a larger, more permanent and more secure base and manned by technicians, clerks and cooks who had little training in the art of combat. Long Thanh North, where *Born To Wander* spent many-a-night on the berm, was such a base.

The story is told from his personal experiences, but I’m sure those who spent a night on the berm will probably find the sights, sounds and feelings quite familiar. For those who have never had the pleasure of such a night, perhaps this will give you a small flavor.

Nearly all the still photographs and sounds used are from war-time Viet-nam. Night photography of Viet-nam is rare – but of course, there wasn’t much to see anyway, except darkness, shadows, the moon and stars and , of course, fireworks.

Part 2 takes us from sundown (at 7 pm) through a night-time monsoon rainstorm (at 9-10 pm).

To view Part 1 – Click Here

A Born To Wander Production

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Stay tuned for Part 3 coming soon.

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