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The Berm: A Night in Vietnam – Part 4

As we all know many Saigon Kids returned to Viet-nam in the military during the Viet-nam war years.

In this 4-part series, The Berm, *Born To Wander*, attempts to re-create the experience of American soldiers who manned the bunkers around their bases at night. These may have been a remote Landing Zone or Fire Base and manned by infantrymen, artillerymen or combat engineers. More often, these bunkers were at a larger, more permanent and more secure base and manned by technicians, clerks and cooks who had little training in the art of combat. Long Thanh North, where *Born To Wander* spent many-a-night on the berm, was such a base.

The story is told from his personal experiences, but I’m sure those who spent a night on the berm will probably find the sights, sounds and feelings quite familiar. For those who have never had the pleasure of such a night, perhaps this will give you a small flavor.

Nearly all the still photographs and sounds used are from war-time Viet-nam. Night photography of Viet-nam is rare – but of course, there wasn’t much to see anyway, except darkness, shadows, the moon and stars and , of course, fireworks.

Part 4 takes us from midnight to a rocket & mortar attack, ground probe, counter-attack and, finally a welcome return to the morning of a new day.

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A Born To Wander Production.

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1 comment to The Berm: A Night in Vietnam – Part 4

  • Cindy Singleton

    Wow! Fantastic! Really, can’t believe it! I was in Saigon the summer of ’67 visiting Dad, from Bangkok. My experience there was so different but similar at the same time. Dylan’s Big Brass Bed was always playing in Pattaya, Thailand during that era!

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