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What Legacy Will You Leave?

This video is brought to you by 10 Million Clicks for Peace.

A highly dedicated group of Internet citizens who have banded together using the latest technology to make it as simple as making just few clicks so that you can in fact make a huge difference in the world.

Click Here to see how it works and how you can leave a Legacy of PEACE while making the world a better place.


1 comment to What Legacy Will You Leave?

  • George Baggett

    I live in a “Red” state – Missouri, with a connection a few blocks away to Kansas. It is refreshing to see the desire for global peace so ubiquitous among those who subscribe to this site. With the polarization of our US population, I want the world to know that many of us are not sharing this global conquest position held by those who feel hunger for natural resources. We are ready to embrace energy issues that do not require exploitation of people or their lands. We are hopeful for a time when we can find common ground and be free to travel and visit lands in a friendly manner. We also understand the number one environmental problem in the world is poverty, with a remedy in sight, but just out of arms reach. I wish all on this site a Happy New Year, and good will and kind words to ensure we succeed in a mission to find a sustainable peace and a common respect for one another.

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