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Why I Do Not Support Gun Control

I’ve never been in favor of gun control and will probably never will be for one simple reason – I and all Americans have a birth right to own guns, as well as, to protect and defend ourselves (and our property) against anyone who attempts to harm us or take our property from us.

Yes, some people may say – that’s what the police are for – but, experience on several occasions has taught me the police are rarely, if ever, able to respond fast enough, generally arriving after an incident is over.

Plus, few problems are the result of *good* people owning guns. And, the *bad guys* will always find a way to buy guns (with or without gun control) – not to mention the simple fact that once anything is made ‘illegal’ it becomes a highly profitable black market commodity. History has proven this over and over. Currently, in the world, illegal arms (guns) trading is the 2nd most profitable black market commodity (drugs being the 1st most profitable).

Recently, when I read the following article, I thought to myself I bet this 89 year old woman sure is thankful her right to own a gun has not been taken away! Then it occurred to me this type of incident could possibly involve any of our grand parents, parents or family members. God only knows how this could have turned out if she had not had a gun to defend herself and her property!! If the guy broke through her front door with his fist, just imagine what he might have done to her if she had not had a gun to defend herself.

Just a little food for thought the next time you hear those *law makers* spouting their mouths off about all the reasons we shouldn’t be allowed to own guns …

Woman, 89, grabs handgun and fires at intruder
From Associated Press
April 22, 2010 12:27 AM EDT

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An elderly Des Moines woman used a handgun to ward off a man who bashed in the front door of her home. Beatrice Turner said the man pounded on her door early Tuesday. Despite being told he had the wrong house, the man used his fists to break through the wood door.

The 89-year-old Turner said she grabbed a handgun and told the man she would shoot if he came inside. When the man entered, she fired a single shot.

A neighbor called police, who found 37-year old Nelson McAlpine standing on Turner’s front lawn. The uninjured McAlpine was arrested on a charge of second-degree burglary.

McAlpine is being held in the Polk County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bond. It wasn’t immediately determined if he has a lawyer.

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10 comments to Why I Do Not Support Gun Control

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Gun control is not a ban on guns…it is a control. Yes, several cities have gun bans and for good reason. And those laws were put into place by democratically elected officials who responded to the opinion of the majority of their constituents. Yes, criminals will always be able to obtain guns…they will steal them from people who haven’t properly secured them; they will pick them up from fallen police officers and I agree that a total ban would create a black-market for guns and they will buy them from dealers who are not overly concerned about the law.

    I would like to see several things happen in regards to guns. One – ban on automatic weapons. NO ONE needs a machine gun in their home. Two – all guns and rifles registered with appropriate authorities. Three – all guns and rifles must be unloaded and secured in approved lockable containers at all times except when taken out to be used. Four – NO concealed weapons. Five – NO open carry laws. Six – All gun owners must have completed some approved training and the handling and storage of guns. Seven – all gun owners have a license for each firearm owned. And that license must be in the possession of the owner whenever the firearm is in the possession of the owner outside of the owner’s home.

    Is this total control – no, not by a long shot. As a former police officer, being shot was a fear that I took to work every day….not by you, or you, but by him over there….that fellow talking to himself, or that guy over there that is pretty much into his cups and looking for his car keys. Or the drug user or dealer – the 10% of people who just will not obey the law no matter what. Perhaps if there were fewer guns on the streets we would all be safer. Germany has strong gun control, but not a ban. But the country has still seen Colombine events at least twice in the past couple of years…and Finland also had there’s as well.

    I realize that I will never convince anyone who is for the NRA and guns to change his or her mind…just as he or she cannot change mine. But my point of view will never kill anyone, and their’s just might.

  • Les

    Where can I, a normal citizen with a License to Carry, buy an automatic weapon, except on the black market? As non-cops, we have the same fears the cops have. Why should we be any less able to defend ourselves? What gun CONTROL groups won’t admit is the same thing tobacco CONTROL groups won’t admit: they want nothing less than a total ban.
    The only person my point of view will kill is a criminal who tries to hurt me or my family.
    To each his own view I guess…

  • frank

    Reason not to own guns.
    On Tuesday afternoon, a man sitting in his pickup in our Lowe’s parking lot shot himself in the thigh while unloading his 45. People heard the gunshot, saw him fall out of his truck … and he was then air-lifted to Tucson. (I wonder who will pay for that?) I’m glad he was defending himself from himself, for he won! I’m also so glad he did not hurt someone else. Remember we are the State that people can carry concealed weapons without a permit. Oh, and we are now the State (as of today)that law-enforcement can stop people without cause (just another thought).
    You can legally buy automatic weapons on the open market.
    I think gun control is very wise and I am not for a ban.
    I have known two people who have accidentally been killed by their partners. A man I know here in town killed his wife when they were out shooting a revolver. A bee distracted him and he swatted it.
    My nephew was killed a few years ago when he was out hunting with his wife. She did not see him step in front of her rifle.
    I know a twenty year old male (once a student of mine)that has shot four people killing two. When he was sixteen he killed a man in his forty’s and got off on self defense. On this past 20 December he shot and killed a very nice fellow who was thirty. Both people he killed did not have a weapon. The other two people he hit were accidentally shot. Hopefully, he finds a cell mate this time.
    Just food for thought!
    P.S. I own at least seven weapons that are not registered…from pistols to shot guns to rifles.

    • Kevin L. Wells


      Actually, you CAN buy a fully automatic firearm, and there is a catch and a pile of money involved.

      The pile of money comes first. Because possession of fully automatic firearms manufactured after May 1, 1868 is not permitted unless you manufacture them, transport them or sell them to a government, expect to pay more than about $20,000. Nobody will sell you one cheap and they will not do layaway. Money get paid first, the transfer to you comes after you do the paperwork and pay the tax.

      The catch is that to legally own a fully automatic firearm you must apply to Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on what they term a Form 4 for the $200 tax stamp. If you have no felonies on your record, you will get the tax stamp and can then have a licensed dealer transfer the firearm to you.

      More of the catch is that you pay again if you want to move to another state, and even that may not be possible because not all states allow automatic weapons. Taking it to another state requires AFT&E permission also.

      The final catch is that using it gets expensive. At $.24 each, 600 rounds per minute gets expensive, probably more expensive than flying, golf, and for all I know drugs and fast cars.

      Going the black market route will land you in the pokey, probably Leavenworth, and besides, doing that would bring you into contact with rough company.


  • frank

    Oh, that thing about being stopped without cause…that’s in the 4th Amendment. To bad people are not as passionate about the 4th, 5th and the 14th as they are about the 2nd…for those and others, I think have really been eroded in the last 10 years.
    Even though I’m a retired Military Officer and a retired science, history, and U.S./AZ Constitution teacher…you probably would have never guessed that I have been teaching Constitution and World History for the last four weeks … for a teacher out on maternity leave (remember when pg women had to quit teaching when they started to show…without pay?). Two more weeks to go…and I’m totally wore out….and yet I have trouble sleeping at night. Ah teenagers…the worry..I think I’ve become allergic to them!
    I have a knack at settling down problem kids, so I’m asked a lot to be a “guest” teacher. I don’t tell anyone that… I ask the problem kids …I’ve been taught to “kill” and to “teach”, what do you want me to do today?
    goodnight all!lol!
    Mahatma Gandhi with a gun!!

  • frank

    Oh, that guy in Lowe’s parking lot. He most think it is O.K. to carry guns wherever he goes. Personally, I don’t think he has a leg to stand on! Oh, O.K., I’ll go to bed … it is almost 1:00am..

  • Kathy (Connor) Dobronyi

    Only in movies do the bullets hit the targets every time. Most people do not have the capability to do what is scripted in the movies, even those trained in firearms.

    I am very definitely for gun control. Even in the Wild West they had gun control. In many places, people had to check their arms with the bartender.

    Knowing that any person can carry a firearm DOES NOT make me feel safe. It frightens the hell out of me. A yahoo with a superman complex shooting in a roomful of people is not my idea of a hero. Ralphie in “The Christmas Story” was a 9-year-old who had that daydream; unfortunately, there are too many adult Ralphies out there packing.

    I hate to tell you how many times I hear people brag about having their sidearm available to protect them “just in case.” What happened to prevention?

    Many go into the community without being aware of their surroundings, then brag about pulling their gun to make the “kids with baseball bats” back down.

    How many soldiers deal with the pain of remembered combat deaths–the women, children, and men who were casualties of war. Yet the wanna-be Ralphies brag about having no qualms about shooting another human being.

    The second amendment addressed a well-ordered militia because the United States did not believe in having a national army. They could not afford it, and the European nations had them which led to countless wars.

    Oh and by the way, many guns are stolen from homes where they were purchased legally, then sold to the criminal element.

  • Kathy (Connor) Dobronyi

    Just a little added thought–Why do we view a white man with a gun as American, but a black man with a gun as criminal?

    They both have the same rights under the 2nd Amendment.

    Why are most cowboys in Westerns white when historically most of them were Hispanic or black? The Spanish explorers first brought horses and cattle to the New World from the Iberian Penninsula. The cattle were initially brought to that location from the Islamic settlements in Africa.

    Why do most of the gun accidents and accidental shootings reported in the media involve white people (males, females, and children)?

    Why not have controls on personal arms if national arms are controlled through treaties?

    Why do we spend so much time touting our American right to bear arms, when we are swirling down the economic drain with our rabid dependency on the finite resource of petroleum? Is a gun going to keep your vehicle running and protect your job when the wells run dry?

    Put your damned guns away and check out Peak Oil and find out the facts.

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    Kisses to Kathy for her input. Just great. Ken

  • Kenneth R. Yeager

    EXCLUSIVE: BLOOMBERG TO BLAST CONGRESS OVER ‘TERROR GAP’ TOMORROW – “With his city still on edge over this weekend’s attempted truck-bombing in Times Square, New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg heads to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to give Congress a piece of his mind on a closely related issue,” HuffPost’s Dan Froomkin reports. “Bloomberg is upset about a federal loophole that, amazingly enough, allows people on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist to legally buy guns and explosives… Despite what would appear to be an easy vote, members of Congress, at least in part due to fear of the gun lobby, have consistently bucked requests from both the Bush and Obama administrations to close what Bloomberg calls the ‘terror gap.’ ‘We need Congress to have our back on this issue, it’s upsetting that, so far, they haven’t,'” Bloomberg told HuffPost.

    NRA strikes again.

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