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By Ken Yeager (ACS)

I want to wish all of you attending the reunion a great time.

Enjoy swapping stories and lies, and give a few thoughts of those of us who didn’t make it.

Hope to see lots of photographs posted on this site next week or so.

Have fun !!!!!

3 comments to 2015 SAIGON KIDS™ REUNION

  • I wish I could be with the reunion and attempt to use what little memory cells I have left. Anxious to see some pictures and hear the news.

    Please ask around for Freddy Hunt, his father was with WHO. 1963-1965.

    Joan Mashburn

  • Sandy Hanna

    The Saigon Reunion 2015 was a fabulous affair. The 1960’s 8th graders, including my brother George (alias Tom) came out in numbers and a few ‘youngins’ like my sister Pati (a 1st grader) in 1960 was there with her husband. I am working on a book about our time there so it was great to get some stories, but more importantly to have the opportunity to talk to my siblings about our time there. The 24/7 room was great and much time was spent there. The organizers did a great job with hats off to Roy and Frank. Bringing the Beu Sisters from Florida was incredible….I could have danced all night…in fact I think I did. Thank you for the memories.

  • judy bingham sears

    well said! i loved the 2015 reunion, the stories, the memories, and watching you dance, sandy!!!! i was right there with you, at your encouragement, but not quite up to your style. i cannot remember the last time i danced like that. thank you roy and frank from the bottom of my heart for all the effort, time, obvious devotion, and energy you put into making the last hurrah such a great time and a wonderful memory. i look forward to pictures as they are posted by any and all who were there. love to all. judy

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