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Golden Gate Quartet: 1958 Performance at Saigon Alhambra Theater

During Tet 1958 the Golden Gate Quartet was in Saigon for a cultural exchange performance at the Alhambra Theater. Here is a news clip of their visit to Saigon.

Orlandus Wilson (Bass)
Clyde Wright (Tenor)
Clyde Riddick (Tenor)
J. Caleb Ginyard (Baritone)
Glenn Emell Burgess (Piano)

I had not arrived in Saigon yet, at the time of this performance. Were any of you Saigon Kids there? Did you see the performance? If so, what do you remember about it?

Do you remember the Alhambra Theater?

As always, you are welcome to share your memories by leaving your comments below.


11 comments to Golden Gate Quartet: 1958 Performance at Saigon Alhambra Theater

  • Kevin L. Wells

    ACS Kids,

    Speaking of blasts from the music past….

    Do I remember correctly that Chubby Checker did a USO show in Saigon sometime in the period 1960-May 1962?

    Kevin L. Wells

    • Admin

      Kevin … it is possilbe. But, the USO Club didn’t open in Saigon until 1963. The first Bob Hope USO show in Vietnam was his 1964 first visit to Vietnam, with Jill St. John, Anita Bryant and Miss World.

      Chubby Checker may have performed in Saigon as part of the Cultural Exchange Programs during the 50s and maybe into the early 60s. But, I’ve found no information on him performing in Saigon. He did not perform in Saigon by the time I departed in early 61 (to my knowledge anyway).

      Anyone else recall if he performed in Saigon?


  • Kevin L. Wells


    I agree that it was not at the USO Club (which opened after I left anyway).

    It may have been a cultural exchange program but I do not remember any South Vietnamese nationals in the hall. It was during the time of the thinly disguised “American tourist explosion”. You may remember the era of the impossibly fit young male tourists (who just happened to discover the Paris of the East as the up and coming vacation destination) just before Vice President Johnson made his visit.


  • Sarah Rogers

    Do I remember the Alhambra Theater…it is where I fell in love…in lust…with KJ Miller, shortly after I had tearfully left my Indiana boyfriend. Out of sight, out of mind as they say; especially at that age.

    • Admin

      Sarah … what movie was playing? … LOL

      Hmm? … Why does the song “Sitting In The Balcony Hugging and Kissing …. ” come to mind … LOL 🙂


  • Giang Nguyen

    Alhambra Theater, later changed to Victory Le Ngoc, was located on Nguyen Cu Trinh St near corner of Tran Hung Dao Rd.
    At 1:28 from the video, it says 1955. Would someone confirm this?

    • Hiep Nguyen

      The Le ngoc Victory is a different theater which was located in Cho Lon (Tong Doc Phuong Street). The Alhambrra theater was renamed Tran Hung Dao theater which is still existing.

  • frank

    For some reason I missed this Blog. I guess you and I, Bob, think alike, especially when it comes to music. Frank

  • Gene Taylor

    I remember (1956) the World Series being shown, inning-by-inning, at the Alhambra. Was on 16 mm film. I was very bored as a 9 year-old but my father and brother got to see Don Larsen’s perfect game.
    Very small American community at that time and the Air Force pilots were always asked to bring back a movie to watch–one that we hadn’t seen 3 or 4 times.

  • le cong ly

    Alhambra theater , later changed into the Imperial Le Ngoc on the Nguyen Cu Trinh Street . It is next the other theater is Hung Dao.So there are two theaters . Hung Dao and Alhambra

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