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Hello to all

First of all, I want to say Hello to all of the ACS kids that I know, knew or didn’t have the pleasure of meeting. I think that Roy MacDonald and Bob  have done a great job in setting up the website, providing information and now this blog. Many thanks from this guy. I also need to the thank all of those of you who set up the previous reunions….while I didn’t know about them, I know lots of work when into setting them up. Believe me, I’ve had lots of experience in setting up events while I was in the Foreign Service to include presidents, vice-presidents and cabinet secretaries.

Second thing is to point out a small error. The title of this page has a misspelling “Siagon.” Sorry, but I noticed.

I have gotten in touch with some of you and really enjoyed learning what has happened in your lives over the past 40 plus years. To think that we have gone from pimply adolecents to grandparents (at least some have – not me yet) is fantastic. If some of you read this and remember me, please drop me an email at kyeager@greennet.de and fill in the 40 year blank. I would love to hear from you.

I would also like to try and find Maile Miller and Suzy Hunt, two lovely ladies from my Saigon times. If you have any information on either of these two, please let me know. I’ve Googled and Googled without success.

I stumbled on SaigonKids after I Googled Brooks Toland and I was totally floored to find such a great site. To get in contact after years and years is simply wonderful. And hearing Brooks voice on the phone (even if it was one in the morning my time…lol) it was still wonderful.

I certainly hope to make the 2009 reunion in Saigon and hope to see lots of you there. But regardless, let me hear from those of you who remember me (good or bad vibes).

All the best to all of you. Be safe – Ken

8 comments to Hello to all

  • Admin

    Good morning Ken!

    Welcome to the Blogosphere!

    Thanks for pointing out the ‘i’ before the ‘a’ … It must have been the Ba Muoi Ba that caused that … LOL

    I see you are still the same ole’ Ken … always chasing after the ‘ladies’ … lol … I’ll send you some info on who might be one of the ladies you are currently seeking from your ‘Saigon Harem’ of days gone by … LOL

    Have a fantastic day!

  • Maile Miller Doyle

    Hi Ken,
    You are now hearing from one of the “lovely ladies” from Saigon days (Thanks!) who is now a mother of two and grandmother of six. My chronological age is that of a 60 year old, but like, Bob I can clearly remember my days in Saigon as if they were yesterday. I arrived just before my 15th birthday and was there for my freshman and sophomore years.

    I live in Findlay, Ohio where I am very active in our community.

    I did send you an email earlier with more updates on me. This bolg is such a great idea!


  • Admin

    Hey Ken … how’s that for warp speed of getting you back in touch with one of your ‘lovely ladies’ …

    Ask and you shall receive …. LOL

    You really need to keep better tabs on your Harem girls, Ken! LOL

  • Admin

    Maile .. welcome to the Blog … Good to hear from you.

    Have a fantastic day!

  • Ken

    Wow, success already. This is going to be fun. Ok Suzy Hunt, where are you??? Quit hiding.

    Great to hear from Maile after all this time.


  • Ken

    Today was beautiful in north Germany. The wife and I put a few miles on the Kawasaki after lunch. Warm, sun shining, and hundreds of riders out, mostly “knee dragers” but cruisers as well. Come on summer!!!

    Have a nice week everyone. Ken

  • Admin

    Ahhhhhhh SUNSHINE …. lol …. It’s SNOWING here … 70 degrees yesterday … 29 degrees and snowing today … go figure lol 🙂


  • Ken

    Everyone else seems to be starting their blog with a brief history 196? – to present to I’ll do the same, just in case anyone might be interested.

    After finishing the 11th grade at ACS Saigon, I transferred to Dalat where I graduated (barely). The father of my girlfriend at the time was a West Pointer and he encouraged me to go (try) there but because my grades were, ahem, a bit low, he recommended a prep school in Washington, DC, so I went there for a few months, quit and went back to Saigon. In the fall of ’64 I flew back to the US and attended the University of Southern Mississippi for two years, hated it, dropped out and joined the Army in the fall of ’66. Off to Long Binh, in the Ben Hoa area, one week after the Tet offensive. Managed to get down to Saigon a couple of times which was fun. Out of the army in ’69 and became a cop in Titusville, Florida for two years. In 1971 joined the Department of State’s Foreign Service and served with that organization for 32 years and was posted to Stockholm, Sweden; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Hamburg, Germany; Tunis, Tunisia; Washington (actually was in Africa for the entire two years of this assignment visiting 18 countries); Niamey, Niger; Bujumbura, Burundi; Guangzhou, China; Prague, Czechoslovakia; Vienna, Austria; Rabat, Morocco and finally back to Germany, Frankfurt being my last assignment. Retired in 2004 and moved to Grosshansdorf, Germany, the area where my wife is from.
    I’m married to the lovely Gisela Wriede of Hamburg, Germany. We were colleagues at the American Consulate General in Hamburg after I was evacuated from Phnom Penh in the mid-‘70s and we were married in 1981. This was my second marriage. I have a 36 year old son from my first marriage and he currently lives in central Florida.
    My time is spend doing part time work in Frankfurt during the summer (my old office calls me back), taking care of the yard, riding my motorcycle, taking care of the yard, playing golf, taking care of the yard, helping in out the house and taking care of the yard. We try to do a bit of traveling but since I work during most of the summer and I hate driving in snow, we don’t do as much as we would like.

    Greetings to all of the Saigon Kids. Stay safe and keep your knees into the wind.

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