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Hellooooo !!!!! Anybody Home?

Where the heck is everyone? You should be caught up on your sleep now that the election celebrations or condolence parties are over. It’s lonely when no one blogs….and I’m starting to run out of things to write about.


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  • Admin

    I couldn’t have said it better, Ken!! 🙂

    Hmmm … what to write about??? … hmmm … ???

    Hey, Ken … do they have any of those gals with ‘crystal balls’ over there … that can look into their crystal ball and TELL US what everyone on here wants to read about … ???? …OR, why few write anything on here …??? … OR, how we all got to know each other at ACS, if this place is representative of how much we ‘communicated’ back then too … ???? … OR, why few are sharing what is going on in their neck of the woods recently … ??? … OR, how the family is doing??? … OR, how the kids are doing??? … OR, how the grand kids are doing??? … OR, any new places they ate at recently??? … OR, any awesome recipes the tried lately??? … OR, any good books they’ve read??? … OR, what’s happening with their hobby??? … OR, seen any good movies??? … OR, how the road trip they went on was??? … OR, what they are planning for the holidays??? … OR, have they hooked up with any SKs??? … OR, what they are planning on doing/seeing at the Reunion in Saigon, if they are going??? … OR, been fishing, catch anything … how big was the ONE that got away??? … OR, got any ideas for our group to get into here on the Blog??? … OR, … HOW THE HECK ARE YA AND HOW’s YOUR LIFE????!!!! (assuming everyone still has a life, which I’m sure they DO!) … All this work and effort so we can all “RECONNECT” and “STAY CONNECTED” … and, ONLY a handful of folks are “COMMUNICATING” on a fairly regular basis … Puzzling .. puzzling … it is … it is …

    Admin RANT … OVER!! 🙂

    Who’s NEXT?!

  • Alice Blackburn

    Hi Ken and Bob…..How the heck are ya’ and how’s your life? We don’t communicate well because we are socially challenged from always movin’ on…but I’m very good at geography, would think nothing of spending an entire summer driving 2000 miles alone with my springer spaniel and a box of books sleepin’ out of the back of a Jeep, but staying in touch?? aren’t we the here today gone tomorrow kids??

    So we all need to work a little harder at remembering that once there was a very special place in Saigon where, for a brief moment in history, we had a home and friends and lots of fun ways to look for trouble and lots of memories to make that we didn’t know we were making at the time – and from which all too soon we were movin’ on. Hugs to you, Ken (you too RANTING ONE)

  • Ken

    My wife and I recently returned from two weeks on the island of Fuerteventura, part of the Canary Island chain and a part of Spain. The island is a 4.5 hours flight from Hamburg. We booked a package deal-flight, hotel with breakfast and dinner included. The island is very popular with Germans and Brits seeking to escape the winter cold of Germany. Our interest in the island was piqued by some friends who have been going there for the past eight years so we decided to give it a try.

    The island, located about 65 miles off the west cost of Morocco, is fairly barren with little vegetation but thousands of goats. The islanders that farm raise primarily tomatoes and potatoes and that’s about it. Lots of folks are engaged in the tourist trade as there are many hotels and restaurants as well as all of the peripheral businesses associated with tourism. Most of the tourist enclaves are located on the east side of the island where there are nice beaches in a number of locations. The west side of the island is pretty harsh with strong Atlantic waves.

    We rented a car and toured part of the island with friends who have been going there for the past eight years and know all of the “hot” spots. There are no active volcanoes on the island now, the last one erupting about 5,000 years ago. Roads on the island are good and I kept wishing I had my motorcycle with me…lots of twisties.

    The hotel was pretty nice…not luxurious but comfortable with three swimming pools (one heated indoor, one heated outdoor and one unheated) plus a kiddy pool. Rooms were air conditioned and with ceiling fan but the weather was perfect for good sleeping and not overly warm during the day. Meals were all buffet style with lots of choices. Unfortunately the hotel is about 450 rooms so one can imagine the madhouse effect at meal times. On the other side, most of the guests were our age or older so there some sense of order.

    The down side of the trip was that we both got sick, hit by a virus that seems to be going around the island. Of course, with in fairly close contact with lots of people, it has to be expected. However, next time (probably next year) we will make different accommodations, staying in a different hotel with only breakfast…that way we explore more restaurants and at the same time, eat less at night, our preference.

    All in all, we enjoyed ourselves but I have to say, I was glad to be home.

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