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Home again – boy, did I miss alot!!!

Just got home from a two week vacation on the island of Sylt, in nothern Germany. My wife and I have have been going there for years (at least those years when we were within reasonably striking distance) and we both have a nice all-over tan (yes, nude beaches and no, no one ran away screaming when they saw me sans vetment).

Pleased to see so much discussion about various things that memories drag out.

Jim – You were right, it was the Alhambra and I had a great part-time job of selling popcorn, candy and drinks for the PX. I think I did that for most of my time in Saigon during my junior year at ACS.

I just Googled Ngo Dinh Diem and read that he was killed in 1963. My family was living above the PX on Phan Dinh Phung (?) during the Feb. 1962 attempted coup – bombing of the palace. Ahhh, great times those were, living on the cusp of history.

Remember the tea dances at the Circe Sportiff? and yes, the great bikinis on the ladies….

Good to be home but only for a week and them I’m off to Frankfurt for three months, but I’ll be in touch.


3 comments to Home again – boy, did I miss alot!!!

  • Admin

    Welcome home Ken!! 🙂

    LOL @ “Tea Dances” … I could never figure out why they called them Tea Dances … when everyone was drinking Ba Muoi Ba … lol …


  • Frank Stoddard

    Ken, I’m with Mike about maybe your Dad becoming one of our couches in 1961. Was he a Sgt Maj in the Air Force? Frank
    Oh! P.S. Good thing there were no squirrels at Sylt. HA!

  • Ken

    @Frank Stoddard….Dad was a Sgt Maj but in the Army. He retired in 1963 and went to work for USOM. He left Saigon when USOM would only do a new contract for VietNam and he wasn’t interested as mom and sister were then living in Bangkok. Family ended up in Titusville, Fl. Dad passed away in 1986 and Mom this past January.

    Regards – Ken

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