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Saigon Kid John Turner Wants To Know …

Does anyone remember if the folksinger Burl Ives ever sang a couple of songs at an ACS school assembly, sometime between 1960-61?

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  • John – Did we have assemblies at ACS? I don’t remember any, myself, while I was there 1959 to 1961. Of course the Ba Muoi Ba may have caused memory problems for me – LOL – or, I may have been distracted by French girls at the Cercle Sportif too – LOL – 🙂


  • Sandy Hanna

    I remember there were assemblies. I wasn’t under the influence of Ba Muoi Bas, but I don’t remember much of what they were about. I know there were a few times that different classes had to put on skits or sing (to the horror of us all). Sandy

  • Sarah J Rogers

    Do not remember any U.S, singers that came to ACS, John. Those were my years also.

  • Kathy Connor Dobronyi

    I wonder about Ives coming to Saigon in 1961. He had just released “The Versatile Burl Ives!” in 1961, and his hit “A Little Bitty Tear” became one of Ives’ highest-charting hits in February 1962.

    I remember that Raymond Burr came to Saigon, The picture was in the Ghecko yearbook. I think he was visiting injured troops in the area in January 1964. When I looked up his scheduled tours of military bases, I discovered that he visited troops in Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc, but I wasn’t able to find a formal date when he was in Viet Nam.

  • From available information on the Internet, tour dates, performance dates, etc., there is nothing indicating Burl Ives ever visited Viet-nam.


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