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Susie Stann Writes …

I lived across the street from Westmoreland –actually it was General (Hangin’ Sam) Williams’ house and then (I think) Gen. Harkins’ while we were there (1959-61). Did Maile live there after me? Maile’s comments mirror my experience so closely! Look for an article soon about my recent return trips to Saigon~
Susie Stann

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  • Admin

    Hello Susie and welcome to our Blog. Good to have you here. We’ll be waiting to read about your return trips to Saigon …:)


  • Admin

    Susie, next time you visit the Blog be sure to register. Then you’ll be able to make Posts and Comments that go live immediately without waiting for approval. Also, when someone leaves Comments to your Posts, you’ll receive an email letting you know, with a copy of their reply comments, etc.

    Have a great day!


  • Sondra Shankey-Ewell

    Hi Susie, Hope you remember me, but more importantly, do you remember my sister, Vicki? We often talk about you especially with Christy Kent who found us some years ago. We thought out of all the kids we can contact, you would be the one to remember a girl called Bootsie. Her boyfriend was Glen Parker – this was around mid 1959. We have not been able to track her nor Glen
    nor his brother Mike.
    You’ve been back to Saigon 3 times-wow. Vicki, Christy and I went in April-May 2006. We did find our old houses and the people in them were so gracious – they took us on tours and gave us refreshments, too. Didn’t you find the Vietnamese very welcoming, too?
    Hope to hear from you,

  • George (Pat) McBride


    I lived in Saigon from 1956 – 60 at the residence you mentioned, S T Williams. My father was his Aide-de-Camp, Lt. George McBride.

    The corner was surrounded with a stone wall and a gated iron fence that at the time, armed guards had a small shanty either in front or just inside.

    Our house was off to the right if you were looking through the fence and the large house had a large front yard with stone steps leading to the front door and a circular driveway. (Although the General used the door at the side entrance most of the time.)

    I attended the American school that was built out of tin Quonset huts and had a fish oil place directly behind it. School let out at noon or 1 because of the heat and smell.

    I have seen a photo of the school on the Saigon kids website and am one of the younger kids on the front right.

    George (Pat) McBride

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