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Tish Malloy says …

We were in Saigon from 6/62 thru 6/64. There were three of us, Tim, Rick and myself. Tim graduated in ’64. We still keep in touch with a few people here in the D.C., N.C. and around.
I am interested in finding any information I can about Mike Atkins…he is reported deceased but not on the Wall.

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  • Admin

    Hello Tish and welcome to our Blog.
    I don’t have any info about Mike. Can anyone else help Tish with info about Mike?


  • Ken

    Tish, did you get my email dated 4/24/08? Ken

  • Arline Ames Silva

    Hi Tish:
    During our last conversation, Randy Seely told me about this site. I was happy to see your name!

    Hope all is well with you, Rick and Tim. My father worked with Mike’s dad and I remember him saying that he (Mr. Adkins) had died. I think they lived in N.C. Sorry, not much help. It was along time ago. I really liked Mike too, and would be interested in hearing what you know about him. My daughter and I went back to Saigon in 2003 and had coffee in the restaurant that used to be my house. A little bit of a surreal moment. I closed my eyes and could remember every detail of who I was waaayy back then, and there I was with my daughter who was older than I was at the time! ha

    My own Mother died last year. While I was going through the attic I ran across an old letter (1964) that you sent me from MD. I had gone back to Saigon that summer. It’s really a hoot, and I thought you might like it. If so, just let me know where to send it. If you prefer, you can call my office at 408-842-5608.

    Until then,

    Arline Ames Silva

  • RandySeely

    Hi, Arline! Nice to see you jumped onboard! Tell Kathy about this blog-site, too! I’m sure she’d like to re-establish some old ties, as well!

  • Tish,
    Am I crazy or did I see your brother, Tim, working as a reporter for Channel 5 in Los Angeles in the late 80’s?
    Tell me I’m not crazy. Please.

  • Sarah Rogers

    aloha Arline,
    I know we didn’t know each other well but I remember we spent some vacation time in Dalat together with our families. Somewhere I have a picture of us sitting on a stoop and we have coats on!; not a common occurance in VN. I know what you mean about returning to VN; so long ago but so fresh in all our minds.
    Sarah Bush Rogers

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