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The Quest for … Malcomette Friedman

Has anyone been in contact with Malcomette Friedman? Or, know whatever happened to her? Yep, you got it … Ken is on a quest for her too … LOL 🙂

Malcolmette Friedman

If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, please leave your comments below.


11 comments to The Quest for … Malcomette Friedman

  • Ken

    Let it be known to all who read this blog that I am a happily married man of 27 years. I am not seeking future companionship. Despite my good looks and great personality, I am not a ladies’ man. I will admit to preferring the social company of women to men in most instances, the exception being sports and motorcycles.

    Seriously, I am just very interest in knowing what has happened to my school mates from those great Saigon days. I, too, look back on those days fondly and with great memories (except when it comes to names of some people – sorry).

    I find it rather interesting that so many of us, after an overseas tour in Saigon and perhaps elsewhere, returned to the US, when to college, married and settled down in the US. How come I was infused with Gypsy blood and many of you were not? How did you lose the urge to travel, to move, to pack it up and go somewhere different? I understand it not. I am always amazed when I meet people who have lived in the same town all of their lives or even in the same house where they were born.

    I am glad to have settled down now, but after many thousands of air miles flow. Now my wants are fewer and they do not include long trips. Yes, I’d still like to see the pyramids in Egypt, eat my way through Italy, do a canal trip in France and visit a few other places, but the thought of airports, the security hassle, small seats in airplanes and the lousy food they service, just turns me off. No, I will not drive to Saigon next year, I will have to fly, but that part of the trip, I do not look forward to. But sitting on Rue Catinat(?), sipping a 33 and bird-watching, now that was living. Or a good bowl of Corn and Crab soup at Cheap Charlie’s (remember it catty-corner from the Rex Hotel behind the parliament building?). Or soup Chinois from a street vendor and sitting on the curb in from the commissary to eat it.

    As we sit here at Lake Wobegone, I bid you a nice week and pass my thoughts on via this great blog. Hugs to all. Ken

  • I was a bit younger than Malcomette, but I remember her sister, “Saucy,” well. I wonder if she’s still blond?

  • Ken

    She also had a younger brother named Malcom. I’ve tried googling the names but no hits. Damn, I wish women would keep their maiden name…it would make finding them much easier. On the other hand…….

  • Admin

    Ken, last night I Googled her also, plus ran her name through several other ‘people’ search/locater type searches. Came up with ZIP. (LOL @ women keeping their maiden names) But, there was a “Malcolmette” the “cat” that came up on one search … so I followed the lead … ended up at Jen-Jen’s social network site… LOL … turns out Malcolmette the cat was an ‘Avatar’ on the Jen-Jen site out of Japan, if I remember correctly. Ahhhh the wonderings of a Net Surfer … ahhahaahaa

    Also, I check Social Security data base. Negative. I could not check marriage data bases without doing each state separately. Undoubtably, she married and is no longer going by Friedman.


    • Lamont Phemister

      Hello Admin,

      I just googled for Malcolm Friedman, US Navy. He was my commanding officer at Headquarters Support Activity, Saigon in 1963-64. And, his children were Juliette, Malcolmette, and Malcolm Jr. I hope you will let me know if you get any leads on any of the Friedmans as I hope to contact the father.

      Lamont Phemister

  • Admin

    Ken, is the correct spelling of her name … “Malcolmette” or “Malcomette” .. ???


  • Ken

    that is probably her but earlier than the Saigon days by the looks of her. as the the spelling of her name, I suspect the correct one is “Malcolmette” but hell, I don’t really know.

    The Quest is a good idea and I hope lots of folks add to it. Ken

  • Admin

    LOL Ken … Malcomette would make more sense, as her brother was Malcom … and, I’m thinking her father was probably Malcom also… hence name the son after the father, and name the daughter after the father also, but ‘girlize’ it to “ette” … hence … Malcom becomes … Malcomette … sorta like a bachlor’ette’ …. ahhahha …

    There is a Malcom Friedman in Washington State area, he is in his mid to late 40’s. Could be her brother’s son. Also, there is a Malcom Friedman shown on the USS York LST reunion web site. The reunion group are a small group of retired Navy guys who served on the USS York. One of the members of the group listed to be attending the 2008 Reunion in York, PA is Malcom Friedman. He could possibly be her father.

    Go here:

    It shows a Malcom Friedman has signed up to attend the 2008 Reunion. But, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link to the USS York County main web site, the ship crew lists a Martin Friedman as serving on the USS York. Crew list does not show a Malcom Friedman as serving on the USS York. Hmmm? Interesting .. lol

    It might be worth it for you to email the reunion group and inquiry about Malcom Friedman on their reunion group, and ask how you can contact him, etc.

    The Quest continues … 🙂


  • Admin

    Ken here is the link to the USS York County LST crew list.


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