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“The Quest” for Saigon Kids

Since starting this Blog, it has become evident there are many many many Saigon Kids we have yet to locate. As Ken commented on the other day, just simply flipping through a copy of a Gecko Year Book reveals a lot of Saigon Kids who are not listed in our Directory at Saigon Kids Web Site. Back in the late 1990’s what has now become our Saigon Kids group started out as simply a few folks trying to locate and reconnect with others who attended American Community School in Saigon during the pre-war years. Over time, as more and more people where located the group expanded beyond just alumni of pre-war American Community School. Over the past 10+ years we have evolved into a group from many ethnic communities of Saigon who spent a portion of their youth in Saigon from the mid-1950’s through the end of the war in 1975. We ranged in age from toddlers to late teens. And, we all left Saigon with unique experiences and memories which left lasting impressions on us , creating a common bond.

In the interest of keeping our common bond alive and evolving our Saigon Kids group even more, I’ve added a new Category to our Blog – “The Quest” for Saigon Kids. Here is how it works. If there is someone we have not yet located, and you’d like to locate them, simply make a “Post” to the Blog about them and your desire to locate them. The “Post” will remain on the Home Page of the Blog for a few day, then it will be saved under the Category of – “The Quest” for Saigon Kids. Over time “The Quest” for Saigon Kids category will develop into a listing of people we are still trying to locate. This will enable all members of our Blog to simply go to this category to find out who we are still attempting to locate.

As an example, I’ve Posted a couple of the “Lovely Ladies” Ken is hoping to locate.

I hope you find this a fun and enjoyable way to reconnect with even more Saigon Kids.

As always you are welcome to leave your comments below.

Have a fantastic day!


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  • Maile Miller Doyle

    Hello – I have been wondering about Michele Laughlin. Her father worked for Esso. She was such fun and I would love to reconnect with her. She was very active with the yearbook and was Editor of the Beacon in 1963.

    Second, I would like to find John “Jet” Jackson. He was a really good friend to me and Ree when we were pals in 1963. His home town was Annandale, VA, but don’t know anything more than that.


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