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TOP (Tours Of Peace) Vietnam Veterans

This is a wonderful organization that Stevie recently told me about which I’d like to introduce you too.

Tours Of Peace (TOP) Vietnam Veterans is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1998 by a Vietnam Veteran, to help veterans and families heal and find peace through *Tours Of Peace*.

They enable those impacted by war to move forward. Their Tours Of Peace include spouses, children and relatives of veterans, and those killed in action. Their logo colors are blue and green, symbolizing *hope*.

During the Vietnam War, the time a person served in Vietnam was called a *tour*. Today, the time veterans and families spend in Viet-nam with TOP is called a *Tour Of Peace*. By revisiting the country where it all began, seeing Viet-nam as it is today, and helping others in the process – the healing begins.

The Foundation is comprised of five programs: Veterans, Family, Humanitarian, Personal Effects, and Education. All these programs are a direct result of there *Tours Of Peace* trips.

Their approach to veteran and family recovery integrates emotional and humanitarian components. Participants revisit old military sites of personal meaning, and conduct humanitarian projects nearby. By helping others, they help themselves.

In Viet-nam, TOP and participants retrieve personal effects, left behind during the war. They bring back numerous items, such as, dog tags and everything from clothing to pay cards. Upon return, TOP researches attempting to return the items to families and veterans.

TOP has become a resource in the International community by educating the public about Vietnam veteran and family issues, the Vietnam War, and Viet-nam as it is today.

The TOP organization receives no government assistance, and is not financially associated with other organizations. They are not a tourist company and do not profit from the Tours Of Peace trips. Nor, is TOP affiliated with any political or religious causes. The success of their programs depends entirely on contributions.

To learn more about this wonderful organization please visit http://topvietnamveterans.org/index.html

I personally find it refreshing they are not affiliated with any government, political or religious organizations and/or other self interest groups – a rare thing in today’s world.

If you’d like to help TOP expand their services to veterans, their families, surviving families, and the Vietnamese people you can support them through this link: http://topvietnamveterans.org/donations.html

I’m certain they’d welcome your support and participation.

As always, you are welcome to leave your Comments below.


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