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Cathie and Pierre Share Memories In Paris

Hi Bob,

Thanks for keeping us posted with the Saigon Gecko.

Here’s a bit of news from me:

I’ve recently returned from a week in Paris, where I had dinner with former Saigon boyfriend Pierre Luvanvi and Sandrine, one of his daughters.  Pierre is half-French, half-Vietnamese and spends half the year in Paris and half in Dakar.  We rediscovered each other several years ago via the Internet and have been able to meet in person four times since then. It’s wonderful to be able to retain such a long-term friendship.  And I have the opportunity to practice my French too!  Pierre and his daughter speak English, but I prefer speaking in French, even though my use of the language is a bit rusty.

On my last trip, I was able to visit with Roger Bui also, but we missed each other this time.  Roger lives in Paris and has now bought some property in Vietnam.

Now I am back in Saudi Arabia, where I teach at the Dhahran British Grammar School.   Being a single female in Saudi Arabia has its challenges, but I must say that I’m glad I’m not allowed to drive here; it’s much easier to just shield my eyes!!

Cathie McIntyre
Saigon 1959-1961

[ Thanks for the update Cathie. It’s wonderful all us Saigon Kids have been able to keep our *special bond* and stay in touch all over the world with each other all these years – Bob ]

8 comments to Cathie and Pierre Share Memories In Paris

  • frank

    Cathie, Your amazing! I still owe you a bottle of wine! Frank

  • frank

    I’ll be back in Paris in June (2011)…me and several teenagers! Frank

  • cathie

    Frank, Will you be seeing some Saigon Kids when you’re in Paris? I can give you Pierre’s contact info if you want it.

    Are you still teaching?

    Hope all is well. I saw Lynn during the summer after she returned to the Poconos following the ACS Beirut reunion in Austin.

  • David L. Cutler

    Great little story, but where are the pictures? I think Cathie dated my brother, Ernie. I lived in Saigon from about April 1960 until March 1962. I am in Florida now.

    • cathie

      Hi David. Yep, you’re right. Ernie was my love.
      No photos of me with Pierre because we took none, but I have photos of the week inParis and would attach one if I could figure how to do that from my iPad!
      What is Ernie up to these days? Last time I heard from him he was kayaking in New York and working for IBM.

    • Debra von Platen

      Hey David,

      I was just checking the news letter and thought I recognized your name. I did. You were in Mrs. Breckon’s sixth grade class. I was in Mrs. Taylor’s fifth grade class. Yep, I still have my Gecko from 1962. Hope your doing great.

  • Sarah J (Bush) Rogers

    Great coming together news Cathie!
    Saigon Kids are the greatest.
    David, where in FL. I am there now and lived in Ft Lauderdale for years.

  • cathie

    Elvera , please give me the email address you’d like me to use. I’d love to catch up.

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