December 2023
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Saigon Kids: More New Arrivals

Listed below are new arrivals to our Saigon Kids family.

Either they found us, or we found them – but, it really doesn’t matter who found who as the important thing is that we have all reconnected!

I’m sure I speak for everyone in giving you a BIG WELCOME home to your Saigon Kids family.

Please feel free to join in the conversations by leaving your comments below and sharing your Saigon experiences and memories with everyone.

Michael Hickman – Alabama, USA

Pat Bingham – Colorado, USA

Warren Imada – USA

Walter Connell – Hawaii, USA

Sandra Brady Christiansen – Texas, USA

Liem Truong – Washington D.C., USA

3 comments to Saigon Kids: More New Arrivals

  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Just heard from Al Misker who has had a very busy life for the past 51 years since leaving Saigon in 1959.
    He shared a few party pics from my birthday luau in Jan. 1959 which I had not seen before. Some of the people need ID-ing. Hope he shares them with everyone to get missing names for familiar faces.

    How nice it was for Al to write and remember the special party that my mom had worked very hard in preparing for me and my friends. I think the entire high school was there that night..maybe 20-30 of us at that time.

    Thanks to Al for remembering me and my 14th birthday party luau.
    Saigon Kids Rock!
    Love to all.

  • Sarah J Rogers

    Aloha Walter,
    What island and when in Saigon. I am Kauai and was there 1960-62-my junior and senior year at ACS.
    Sarah Rogers

  • Phil Gullion

    Anyone heard of/from Perry Mavro or Robert Cardineaux, Saigon circa 1955-57? Last I heard of Perry, he was part of some business organization based in Bankok..

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