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Wanted Saigon Kids …

Thank you very much to the few of you who did volunteer. If anyone would like to take on the project of putting a reunion together – GO FOR IT.

to serve on the Saigon Kids *Reunion and Events* Committee.

Over the past 10 years it seems the same hand full of Saigon Kids have ended up doing all the work to organize our reunions and other events.

It ain’t fair (in my opinion) for the same few to do all the work while the rest of our Saigon Kids family reap all the benefits.

So, it’s time to form a *Committee* – 🙂

Here’s the deal. We need volunteers to serve on a committee to plan, organize and co-ordinate our reunions and other events for our Saigon Kids family.

If you’d like to *do your part* (by serving on the committee) to keep our Saigon Kids family active and alive … please volunteer in the Comments section below.

Once we have enough people to form the committee I’ll set up a *Virtual Meeting Room* where committee members can met (online) for Committee meetings. Gotta love the Internet, don’t ya! 🙂

Any takers??

Sign up below …

Update: *** Come on people, surely there are more then 3 of you out there who are willing to lend a hand to help out by serving on this Committee. It would be really nice if we had 7 to 9 people on it so the work load and various tasks could be spread around a little.

Sign up below if you are willing to **HELP** our Saigon Kids family   🙂

15 comments to Wanted Saigon Kids …

  • Christy Kent

    I’d be really happy to see another reunion take place, which I guess means I should volunteer to help!

  • Roy McDonald

    Count me in.


  • Janet Bogardus

    I’d be willing to help out.

  • Gene Taylor

    Question: when we there in 1955-57, our street changed from De Gaulle to Cong Ly. What is the street name now? Does anyone know, please? I am trying to find on map. We lived on way in from airport. Thank you for any help, Gene

    [ Hi Gene! Maybe this will help you. Street name: Rue Mac Mahon (1951), Cong Ly (1956/57), Nam Ky Khoi Nghia (since sometime after 1975). Information obtained from a 3rd party source which I’ve not verified. But assume it is correct. – Bob ]

    • Gene Taylor

      Maybe I was wrong on Cong Ly–or wrong on spelling…but street was Rue De Gaulle when we first arrived in 1955. Does anyone have the new name for the street from airport that used to be De Gaulle? The Rue MacMahon thing is throwing me a little, but thanks for the quick reply…really appreciate that.

      [ Gene – Cong Ly is the street that ran from the airport to in front of the Palace. The Rue Mac Mahon throws me off too. I think that maybe incorrect. I’m looking for some old late 1940s early 1950s maps I have stored *someplace* on my computer. I do recall there being a Rue De Gaulle someplace at sometime in Saigon. If memory serves me correctly it was Rue General De Gaulle (Boulevard du General De Gaulle, comes to mind also). Mac Mahon just does not sound French to me – lol – :). I’ll let you know what I find out, if anything – Bob ]

      [UPDATE: Gene – I found an old Saigon street map published during the time of transition from French names to Vietnamese names, showing both the old French street names and the new Vietnamese street names. Rue De Gaule was changed to Cong Ly during the 1956/57 time frame. After 1975 Cong Ly was changed to it’s present day name of – Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. This would be the street you lived on and it did/does run from the airport to in front of the Palace. – Bob ]

      • Gene Taylor

        Thanks, and now it makes sense. I plan on going back in next couple of years if things work out. You been back? — Gene

        [Gene – Glad you made sense of it. The 2012 Reunion might be a good time for you to go back – :). Yes, I went back to Viet-nam several times during the time frame of 1969 to 1985 when I was involved in a number of business ventures throughout Asia and Pacific Rim countries. My trips to Viet-nam where very brief – fly in, take care of business, and fly back out with no time for visiting or sight seeing (particularly, after 1975 when Americans were not very welcome in the country). – Bob]

        • John M. Adams

          If I remember corretly, after the Diem coup, Cong Ly was renamed Cach Mann and ran from Tan Son Nhut to downtown. We lived on a side street just before a snall bridge.

      • Paul Allan Rowe

        I live in Viet Nam and I’m a history nut. I spent one year in HCMC and now 3 years in Vung Tau. My interest is mainly French. You mention you have an old 40-50s road map of Saigon. Would you like to share it?
        I am also on the lookout for French military engineering maps of Vung Tau-Baria. I haven’t found even one yet. They must be somewhere. Vung Tau has some amazingly well kept colonial places. But really, until I can find an engineering map it is hit and miss with what I find in the jungle. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Dick & Kathy Emery

    Count us in.

  • Maile Miller Doyle

    I am willing to help…I see not many have responded since December! Well, I was VERY busy with family stuff until just recently. I will have some time available to plan for 2010 – summer? I said in an earlier blog, I think in response to Roy, that I would like to be part of a reunion, but I am more interested in doing something stateside. The exact center of the US is Lebanon, KS…not big enough, but we could plan for KC or St. Louis, if we want it to be centrally located…anyway, count me in whenever you want to set up a virtual committee meeting.

    • Maile – Thank you! Your support is much appreciated. I’m HOPING we can get 7 or 9 people on the Committee so it spreads the work load, provides more input, etc. My idea is to have a committee to plan and organize various events that SK’s are interested in holding, as well as, reunions within the USA, Saigon and other countries – a little of something for everyone concept – LOL. I’m giving it until the end of April for more people to join *The Committee*. After that I’ll set up the virtual committee meeting room.

      Rock Onnnn … 🙂

  • Been there, Done that, will do again! Roy

  • Sarah J Rogers

    I am interested in reunions of Saigon Kids. I would like to have a “data bank” of where we all travel so we could make plans to see each other. I just missed seeing Brooks Toland which is such a shame. Being retired (many of us??), I could always change my dates to see people.
    If ANYONE comes to Hawaii, please let me know and I will fly to meet you whatever island!
    I have been to Vietnam twice and think that is enough…still so much more world out there to see.
    But, would love to see YOU again.

  • Bobbie Sheehan Mauch

    Hi Everyone,

    I would love to be on the committee for another Saigon Reunion. I even have some ideas. I hope this reply isn’t to late. Let me know if I could help.

  • Ruth Matteson Blackmore

    Would like to go but need time to wrap my head around this soon. In a couple heavy political campaigns this election season – campaign manager for City Council candidate re-election campaign and on Steering Committee for a ballot issue to move to municipalization of the city’s electric utility. Current utility monopoly is spending $5-10 million or what ever it takes to beat us and we have $23K! City being slammed with negative ads on TV and slick negative mailings to every voter. Not much time for anything else but will make up my mind soon about the trip because I would love to go back again.


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