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National Pancake Day

Today is National Pancake Day in the USA.

In honor of the day “Pancake House” restaurants are giving away free pancakes – a short stack – until 10 pm tonight.

So if you like pancakes or just want to support National Pancake Day, stop by a Pancake House restaurant for a free short stack.

But, if you are like me – a short stack just doesn’t cut it – LOL – so just go ahead and over indulge in all your favorites! It is a celebration after all!!     🙂

Rock Onnnn … Saigon Kids      🙂


4 comments to National Pancake Day

  • Ken

    No Pancake House (IHOP or otherwise) in the Hamburg area….and don’t I wish there was. I love pancakes and waffles…crepes just don’t make it in my mind….crisp buttered waffles with an over-easy egg on top, bacon on the side and a good strong cup of joe….hummmmm.

    • Ken – Don’t Germans eat pancakes and waffles? How about buscuits and gravy – don’t tell me they don’t eat them either … LOL. Hmm … I guess we know what you’ll be eating while visiting the USA soon.

      Rock Onnnn … 🙂


  • Ken

    Biscuits and gravy? Here? You must be kidding. No way. There are a couple of “American” type restaurants, but while they cater American fare, it is still geared to the German taste. So no, no biscuits and gravy, or grits, or hash browns or other “delicacies.” Just not part of the German diet. A couple of years ago one of the major hotel chains advertised a Thanksgiving dinner, so we signed up and invited a couple of friends. What a disappointment…no mashed potatoes or dressing or pumpkin pie. Some high-brow cook decides to Europeanize a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Now we just do it at home…much easier, better and of course, less expensive. Generally speaking, I like living in Germany, but there are times that I wish I was back in the US. Unfortunately, our trip planned for March has been canceled to due a health problem with my wife. Oh well, life continues to move on.
    Anyone remember the phrase-
    “come get me, mother. I’m through. ??? Ken

    • I’ve always found it interesting how no matter where I’m living – I always miss those foods at all those other places I used to live … lol

      Sorry to hear of your wife’s health problems and having to cancel your trip to USA, as I’m sure you were both looking forward to it.


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