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NOTICE – Please READ – You have a choice to make


As I’m sure you all have noticed, I reformatted our Blog and associated sites a couple months ago. Some of the reasons for doing so were to provide enhanced privacy and security for the Password protected areas of our sites.

On an average day we get around 400 Spammers/Hackers attempting to access protected areas of our sites. While I’ve always had programs in place to block them, they still persist – and will continue to do so as long as these sites are on the Internet. It goes with the turf, so to speak.

One area where I’m having difficulty in sifting out the ‘UN-authorized’ people who want access to our sites is – Registration – to the sites. Primarily, our Blog and Photo Gallery areas. Hence, long ago, I implemented methods of monitoring new registrations to our sites. But, this requires me to manually view each new registration to determine if the person is ‘actually’ a Saigon Kid or someone we want to authorize to have access to the private areas of our sites. And, here is where the problem comes in … those people who DO NOT fill in all the ‘Information’ fields during the registration process. Fields such as, “Name” ( REAL NAME), “When Were You In Saigon/Viet-nam”, “What School Did You Attend”, and other such information fields that allow me to determine if they should have access or not, etc.

Here are a couple typical examples:

User Name: dskatdang
Email Address: dskat @ hotmail. com


User Name: cool breeze
Email Address: coolbreeze4367 @ yahoo. com
Name: Jane

Do you see the problem? From this limited information I don’t have a CLUE who the person is, and no way of determining if they are someone who should be given access to the private areas of our sites. So I don’t give them access.

But then …

I get emails “hey,  this is Jane I attended ACS. I’ve been trying to register on the sites but it won’t let me – help”. Which begins a ‘time consuming’ email exchange to determine who they are, etc.

By now you get the idea – I hope.

So to make a long story short, consider this a *reminder* to complete ALL the information fields requested during the registration process. For, incomplete information means – no access – and, any attempt to Log-in will be *blocked*.

In fact, I’m in the process of implementing additional software programs that will make it mandatory that all information fields be filled in or registration will be automatically denied.

Now, for those of you who have expressed concern about providing any information beyond a ‘vanity’ user name and ‘vanity’ email address, I’ll remind you of the Privacy Policy of our sites – No personal information or contact information is shared with others without first obtaining your permission. So there is no reason for you not to provide the requested information.

For those of you who have registered in the past without filling in all the information fields because, I either, knew you or determined by other means you should be authorized access to the private areas of the sites – you need to Log-in to your Profile Page of the Blog and the Photo Gallery and complete any empty ‘fields’. Reason: Once I’ve fully implemented the new software programs, if all the fields on your Profile Page are not filled in – your access will be ‘blocked’ until you do.

So everyone, you have a choice to make if you want to be a member of our Saigon Kids sites – either comply with the Registration Policy by providing all requested information, or to put it bluntly … go away   🙂

Harsh!?! – maybe.

Necessary!?! – YES to protect the privacy and security of our sites.

As always, you are welcome to leave your Comments below.


PS: “The Eyes of Novick are upon you!” – LOL –    🙂

4 comments to NOTICE – Please READ – You have a choice to make

  • Cay Drachnik

    I am an an adult, but was in Saigon with my husband Joseph Drachnik,(Capt. USN. retired) in 1961 – 1964 and I want to write an article about the time we (my children Denise and Kenneth) were there.I want to keep up with the group as I need information for the article. I was am an artist and taught art there to the children as well as the adults.Probably some of you were in the art class. Please keep me on your list. Cay Drachnik, Sacramento, CA.

    • Cay – You’ll most certainly remain a part of our Saigon Kids family for as long as you desire too. Our Saigon Kids family has expanded over time to include others (such as yourself) who were not alumni of American Community School in Saigon. So, you are more then welcome. I can’t wait to read your article once you’ve completed it. I’m sure you have a lot of memories and experiences to share.

      Now I’m wondering if any SKs remember taking your art classes – well … Saigon Kids, do you!?!

      Have Denise and Kenneth found our web sites yet? If not, you could always give them a little nudge this way – 🙂

      Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by – good hearing from you.


  • Suellen Oliver Campbell

    Dear Bob~
    As far as I am concerned, any privacy is a good thing. Funny, I can’t get into the site, as I can never remember my log-in or password, but others can get in more easily. If you would take the time to send that to me ONE MORE TIME, I will write it down this time and remember where it is!!
    Sorry to be such a pain and inept.
    Love the weekly newsletters. Thank you for keeping us in touch.

    • Suellen – On the right side Menu area scroll down to “Login”. Then click the link “Login”. You will now be at the Login screen. Type in your User Name. Then click the link under the login box that says, “Lost Your Password”. An auto-generated new Password will be emailed to you. Go to your email inbox. Open the email with your new password. It will be a long string of numbers and letters that no human can ever remember. Copy/Paste it to Login. Once you are logged in you’ll be on the Dashboard page. Click on “Profile”. You’ll now be on your Profile page. Near the bottom of the page there is a place to change your password. Follow the prompts and change it to something you can easily remember. Click the “Update” button. Your Password has now been changed.

      Now ‘log out’. Then log back in by typing in your User Name and the ‘new’ Password you created then ‘check’ the *Remember Me* box on the login screen. Click “Login”. You’ll now be back on the Dashboard page.

      Now open “My Docs” on your computer. Create a “New Folder”. Name it “ACS Login”. Now open “Note Pad” on your computer. Type your Username and Password into Note Pad. Click *File*. Click *Save as* go to My Docs “ACS Login” Folder that you just created and save the Note Pad file in it. In the future, if you forget your login username and password all you have to do is open this folder and all your login info will be there for you.

      Hope this helps – 🙂


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