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THE QUEST: Janis and Patricia Bingham

Sandy Hanna is looking for …

“Bob – Does anyone know a family named Bingham. They lived next to the Ambassador house in 1960. We are trying to find Janis and Patricia Bingham. They also had an older sister, probably 8th grade in 1960. If anyone can help, much appreciated. Sandy Hanna”

If anyone has any information of how to contact them, please leave it in the Comments section below.


7 comments to THE QUEST: Janis and Patricia Bingham

  • Admin

    Sandy – could this be the Janice Bingham you are looking for – CLICK HERE – If not, then type “Janice Bingham” (in quotes) into Google. Then search through the results that come up – there are several pages which come up in the search results.


  • Mike Erickson


    I have contacted a Patricia Bingham who lived in Saigon. I will contact you (or she will contact you) if I reach her and it turns out she is is the Patricia in question and is interested in communicating.

  • Janis Bingham (Taylor)

    Oh my goodness sakes – what a treat to see Sandy Hanna’s inquiry. You indeed found my sister Pat Bingham and she forwarded me your email. I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I have thought about you and your family during our stint in Saigon. I can’t wait to catch up!Pat and I have been sharing our memories of times with you and your siblings….climbing on the roof, kittens, etc. Judy knew your big brother – this is just great. Let’s connect. My facebook is Janis Taylor


  • Admin

    Janis (Bingham) Taylor and sister Pat Bingham have been located and made contact 🙂


  • Sandy Hanna

    Bob – Thank you so much! I will contact Janice and let you know how it goes. I had asked my brother Tom for Janice and Pat’s older sister’s name – Judy – just last week. This is such a wonderful Thanksgiving gift. We’ll share the stories soon! Sandy Hanna

    • Admin

      Sandy – Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂

      Actually, Mike is the one who should be thanked, as he is the one who located Pat. Many thank you’s, Mike. 🙂


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